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We know how frustrating the job search can be. You apply to hundreds of positions and hear nothing. You spend hours of your valuable time rewriting your resume and still have nothing to show for it. Sound right?

Our goal is to take the stress out of your job search and help you get a job in less time. Check out what our incredible customers have to say about our stress-relieving service.

The Promoted Process



We write your resume to highlight your accomplishments and get through ATS software. Your resume is going to look pretty good too by the time we’re done with it.


LinkedIn Profile

We update your LinkedIn profile so you get noticed by recruiters and show up in relevant search results.


Cover Letter

We craft a cover letter that makes you stand out from the other job seekers. We make you unique.

Looking for other options? You can mix and match our services however you would like! Check out all of our services below.

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The Resume Theory of Relativity

Albert Einstein was, perhaps, the smartest man the world ever knew. Among his vast list of achievements is the theory of relativity, which explores the link between the gravity of objects and space-time, but you probably knew that to some extent (I didn’t). What is the resume theory of relativity? It’s the idea that resume skills mentioned on one resume will be given equal value compared to another resume.