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$599.00 $299.00

This all inclusive package includes just about everything you need in order to land your dream job!

  1. Full Resume Revision
  2. LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  3. Cover Letter Writing (up to TWO if needed)
  4. One Hour Career Strategy Consultation


Here's how it works

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Pick the service or package you would like. If you have questions you can call 801.810.1455 or email [email protected]


One of our experts will reach out to you. They will talk with you to better understand your accomplishments and what job you are looking for.


Once a draft is ready, we will send you a copy to look over and make sure it is what you wanted. We won't stop working until you are happy.



It can be hard to write about yourself and how great you are. We will craft bullet points that show what you accomplished and why it matters to your employer.


Don't waste your time with formatting, fonts, or grammar. Our resumes are sleek and professional, and the design will be customized to meet the standards for your industry.


Optimizing your resume for ATS could be the thing that finally gets your resume seen. We will put the right key words in your resume so you get past the software that many companies use to filter out unwanted candidates.

Cover Letter

Stand out

Your cover letter is a chance for you to explain your qualifications in more detail. We will fill your cover letter with your unique talents and accomplishments.


Don't just tell them you would be great for the job. Show them with numbers how you have performed in the past and why this will make a difference in your new position.

be professional

Your cover letter is a reflection of who you are, and is often your first impression. We will help you show your personality in a professional way.

Linkedin profile

be relevant

Many employers check LinkedIn and social media sites to get a better idea of who you are. You want to make sure you leave a lasting impression on every platform.

be found

We will update your profile so you can be seen by recruiters. LinkedIn is a popular place for recruiters to search for the best candidates. With our help you will have job offers coming to your inbox.


A better profile will also help you as you reach out and build your network. You never know if that one connection you make or person you chat with will notice your qualifications and realize you would be the perfect fit.

Interview Preparation


After you land the interview, we will research the company and the specific job you are applying for. Then we will guide you through a practice interview that is tailored to you.


We will teach you how to understand what your interviewer is looking for, and how to respond in a way that shows you are the best choice. We will also show you how to ask questions and find out if this job is the right fit for you.

get the job you want

The interview is your big opportunity. Don't go unprepared. You want to have confidence, knowing you have done everything you can to be ready.