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Bad Social Media Will Kill Your Job Search

It started with a dream, I just wanted to hire an office assistant. Little did I know that my dream would turn into an article about social media best practices.   Too dramatic? I don't think so. We're a growing business, and we need some support from a talented...

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ATS Resume Test – What is ATS?

If you'd like to test how well YOUR resume is optimized for ATS, just click here for a free resume review.   As if writing a resume wasn't complicated enough...   All of a sudden you hear about this scary thing called ATS. But what really is ATS? You've...

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Best Things First Resume Principle

I belong to the .001% of the world’s population that thinks about abstract resume principles in its spare time, but it was while working with a student that I came across a simple way to explain something that usually takes me more words than it should.

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How to Write a Resume | Proving Value Theory

Resume writing seems confusing, and to be honest with you, writing a great one isn’t extremely easy. However, by learning something called “proving value theory,” you will understand resume writing at a much higher level than you previously thought possible.

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The Four Most Important Interview Tips

When I hired new mentors for the Career Preparation Department, I never counted someone out because of a resume. Yes, a good resume got candidates to the top of my list, but I have interviewed enough people to know that the interview is dramatically more important than a resume (no matter how good the resume is).

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The Resume Theory of Relativity

Albert Einstein was, perhaps, the smartest man the world ever knew. Among his vast list of achievements is the theory of relativity, which explores the link between the gravity of objects and space-time, but you probably knew that to some extent (I didn’t). What is the resume theory of relativity? It’s the idea that resume skills mentioned on one resume will be given equal value compared to another resume.

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Informational Interviews

The most common question we get about networking is, “How do I approach people? Do I just call or email randomly and somehow try to form a relationship out of nothing?” The simple answer is, no; you request an informational interview.

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